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18th June 2018 - 22nd June 2018

Ada-Europe 2018 – 23rd International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies in Lisbon, Portugal.

22nd June 2018

Writing Contracts in Ada (course): I will give a course on writing contracts in Ada in connection with Ada-Europe 2018 in Lisbon in June. The course is an updated edition of the course Contract-based programming in Ada 2012.

22nd June 2018

Unit-testing with Ahven (course): I will give a course on unit-testing with Ahven in connection with Ada-Europe 2018 in Lisbon in June. Ahven is an Open Source framework for writing unit tests. It is intended to work with any Ada 95 compiler and is regularly tested with several different compilers. The course is focused on testing for projects with less strict testing requirements than DO-178C.

2nd May 2019

25 Years of JSA Research & Innovation: 2nd May 2019, 25 years have passed since I formed my own company. It started because a customer had to hire me as a consultant instead of a student assistant, to be allowed to pay me the rate we had agreed, but now it has become a part of my life, and I find it hard to imagine not having my own company. Thanks for all the interesting challenges may customers and collaborators have given me. I look forward to many more.

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