Jacob Sparre Andersen

The N900 palmtop/phone from Nokia

Last Saturday I participated in Open Source Community Day 2009 in Copenhagen. As I've written earlier, one of the interesting topics of the day was the N900 palmtop/telephone from Nokia.

My initial reaction to the device was: I want one of those! — And it looks like I will get one, once they come to Denmark.

The N900 is running Linux and most of the software you get with the device is apparently Open Source (radio drivers/firmware is an obvious exception). This means that it should be easy to extend and improve the off-the-shelf version of the N900. And hopefully, it will also be possible to feed the best of these improvements into the off-the-shelf version.

I look forward to get a chance to develop some innovative software for the N900. — Ideally something nobody has seen before. — But just getting some really cool software out to a lot of users will be okay as well.

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