Jacob Sparre Andersen

Into 2009

These days I have the pleasure of participating in Into 2009; a conference on innovation and tourism in Palma de Mallorca. Today my colleague Ana Maria Munar gives the presentation Innovating the tourist information: content created by the tourist, and tomorrow I will present our common project in the talk Asian Social Web: Travel 2.0 promotion in Asia and Pacific.

Presentation notes

Roundtable: 2.0 Private Sector Tourist Initiatives

Is it good or bad, when hotels cite comments from external social travel web sites, rather than just quoting their customers directly? — I think the possibility for checking if the quote is representative makes the external citations more credible. And it sounds like the operators of the social travel web sites don't mind that hotels do it — if there is a link to the source.

Semantic and Services

Are any semantic web technologies used in production systems?

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